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HealthService taking part in EU Horizon Prize

Cleopatra's #HealthService taking part in the EU's Horizon Prize - Blockchain for the social good. We've been tremendously busy the past 6 months. Medical professionals encourage us to finalize our concept. #HealthService is designed as a digital grassroots revolution with deep positive social impact on all of you!

Cleopatra's #HealthService allows you to regain full control and sole sovereignty over your personal private health records. We believe that any information collected about you is yours only. #HealthService enables you to control and manage this information yourself. Applying the right mix of innovative technologies, we designed an architecture that:

  • Drastically reduces the bureaucratic scope of your treatments
  • Improve the communication between physicians of different disciplines
  • Provide transparency for the patient with absolute privacy of his data records.

Healthcare is a 'people business' and #HealthService enables all stakeholders, such as doctors, practitioners, therapists and insurance companies, to securely interlink digitally. This also includes automatic billing based on smart contracts. In doing so, we consciously re-allocate time to emphasize communication between people, creating the deep positive social impact of our technology.