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We are excellent in creating innovations with our clients as well as internal projects. In recent years, we have created several successful product innovations and we are proud to see the best of them grow into independent companies. Therefore, Unleash Future is transforming into a holding structure. This is an incomplete list of our current ventures.


Digital Health Solutions

Unleash Future is introducing the #ModularHealthNetwork, also known as #MHN. Designed to digitize and secure our health system, it is the consequent evolution of our #HealthService proposal to the European Horizon Prize, Blockchain for Social Good. Our Think Tank identified three core challenges and designed a completely new architecture.


Cleopatra is the world's first private network node creating a decentralized trusted network. It is currently operating in semi-stealth mode and opening A funding round. Market introduction is scheduled for 2021. Stay tuned, Cleopatra will change the way we collaborate, share and co-create in our digital world!


CustOS is securing your digital business! CustOS is our response to missing security features in professional router solutions on the market. It is using AI models to mitigate zero-day attacks, keeping one-step ahead of your enemies! It is operating since 2010 and continuously improved by our cybersecurity experts