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Unleash Future is an international association providing access to extremely gifted minds, diversified teams and groups of experts to master your most devastating and daunting challenges.


Cross Industry Expert Teams & Advisory

International experts joined Unleash Future to form a unique company of experts and brilliant minds. Unleash Future provides cross industry expert teams to support your mission. Together, we will master the most challenging and daunting tasks. We are a futuristic, decentralized and one-of-a-kind advisory group, making the impossible happen and transforming science-fiction to innovation.


Our Mission

Unleash Future founders, members and partners are constantly challenging existing paradigms. We remain sassy and rebellious, passionate to push for positive disruption shaping our days of tomorrow – for a world worth living.

All members continuously outperformed themselves in their industry domain, advanced in international politics and economics or defence operations. Extremely diversified, all members unite a unique mindset, well-rounded and strong character, an extremely high IQ and astonishing achievements claimed in their previous careers across industry, politics, science and defence.

While high IQ associations often form closed elite groups and clubs, Unleash Future is uniting individuals with the desire to use their giftedness as a service for the good.



We are excellent in creating innovations with our clients as well as internal projects. In recent years, we have created several successful product innovations and we are proud to see the best of them grow into independent companies. Therefore, Unleash Future is transforming into a holding structure. This is an incomplete list of our current ventures.