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Beginning of March 2020, they started to write contact lists of passengers in flight and long-distance trains, more recently they started to write contact details of people visiting a restaurant. This is old fashioned infection procedure to intervene spreading. We all see that this is not the way to cope with SARS-COV-2.

Interestingly, we already notice how challenging it gets to ease up the isolation of citizens and yet prevent new waves of diseases and infections. It is hard to control the spreading of a virus and exponential growth in the stage of corona becomes impossible for investigative infection chain mapping.


The challenge to #flattenTheCurve takes extraordinary measures. Unfortunately, we lack quality of data to track spreading and monitor effectiveness of measures.


In 2019, our Team started to design a global response to use technology to get the infection chain digitized in a way that we can cope with a global pandemic like corona. It can be a Smartphone App or become a very small, inexpensive electronic device. Size of a modern car key.

It will address the fact that kids in low-income countries don't have access to smartphone yet. Our solution is small, you can put it in your pocket. And it will be cheap compared to a smartphone, possibly becoming a governmental supply to fight any kind of infectious disease. We use short range radio signals like Bluetooth LE, require no cellular network, creating 100% coverage. Globally. Excalibur is agnostic to the type of virus, making it a future prone solution. We can use this technology for any virus or bacterium that is spreading human-to-human, like Ebola, SARS-COV-2, Tuberculosis, swine fever in 2009... and new virus we do not wish to come.

It will become a bail-out technology for any future arising challenge. If population growth and globalization continue to accelerate, pandemics will remain a realistic doomsday scenario even after corona. It is a scientifically and mathematically based fact.