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Digital Health Solutions

Unleash Future is the world’s first high IQ organization operating in cross-industry as well as cybersecurity, international politics and advisory for global investment. We experienced first-hand how health care differs across Europe, and how poorly data is transferred between stakeholders. Working cross-border, a fundamental idea of the European Union, becomes difficult when you need treatment abroad. To make things worse, some countries already became victim of cyberattacks in their digital healthcare attempts.

We identified three core problems that need to be addressed:

 1. Non-transparent and non-standardized interfaces
 2. Insecure central data pools
 3. Missing data security and safety

It takes an architectural mind shift to solve these problems, which we present in this document. We created an architectural platform called #HealthService to introduce the necessary mechanisms. Technological we will achieve these with Blockchain, smart contracts and PKI signature. In doing so, we consciously re-allocate time and simplify transactions to emphasize communication between all stakeholders.

#ModularHealthNetwork allows you to regain full control and sole sovereignty over your personal private health records. We believe that any information collected about you is yours only.

Applying the right mix of innovative technologies, we designed an architecture platform that:

 * Improves communication between physicians of different disciplines and countries
 * Creates communication between all stakeholders in the health care system
 * Reduces drastically the bureaucratic scope of your treatments
 * Provides you full control of who can access and who did access your records
 * Allows transparency in service while maintaining full privacy of patient’s data records
 * Provides safety and security, preventing existing threats to human lives by cyber attacks
 * Reduce time, costs and efforts for stakeholder
 * Introduce transparency in services, transactions and accounting while preserving privacy of personal data
 * Ensures compliance to legal regulations

If you are interested to learn more abou this exciting venture, please contact us