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Cleopatra is the world's first private network node creating a decentralized trusted network. It is currently operating in semi-stealth mode and opening A funding round. Market introduction is scheduled for 2021. Stay tuned, Cleopatra will change the way we collaborate, share and co-create in our digital world!


In 1969, the World-Wide-Web has been designed as a decentralized network connecting nodes. In the decades that followed, companies created centralized structures to secure their market position, generated customer loyalty and create dependencies.

Like a traditional bank, centralized services are intermediaries. And there is always a business case and market barriers to secure them. Like Blockchain and Bitcoin, it takes bold individuals to spark an idea and change traditional patterns.

This is us! We can now break traditional rules and create a completely new business segment.

Connectivity has become a basic need for our personal and business lives and a fundamental global need. Future technology already demands more bandwidth than future connectivity can provide in ideal lab conditions. It is time to introduce a paradigm shift in architecture. Welcome to Cleopatra!