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Think Tank Members

We do not provide IQ tests or psychological evaluations. You can use those provided and accepted by Mensa or Prometheus. Be prepared for an extensive test and qualification period to ensure that you fit our requirements. In any case we require a test or a psychological report which prove your high giftedness. Please apply if you feel confident enough to meet our standards. Respect our requirements as an entry level to our Think Tank assessment. It is not a guarantee to become part of the Unleash Future Think Tank.

We do not solely ask for your highest IQ test result. Besides a bright mind, we expect mental strength, loyalty, absolute confidentiality, the right mix of academics and business experience, outstanding previous achievements and last but not least: a well-rounded and exciting character. Mental and physical stress is part of our daily life. We work and interact with great leadership characters to shape our future.

Your missions and challenges with Unleash Future might cover high confidential economic and industry projects or defense services. Due to our customer obligations and to subject of safety and security, Unleash Future is treating any subject as confidential by default. Unless strictly classified as 'public', you will not be allowed to talk about it to any third parties.

You are highly gifted and want to be part of our complex projects and Unleash Future Think Tank? Contact us by leaving a message with your cover letter.


Engineering, Consulting & Backoffice

You not need to meet the strict requirements of the Think Tank to enter Unleash Future! But be prepared to work with inspiring and extraordinary minds. If you like the challenge as an engineer or getting excited about consulting out-of-this-world strategy implementations, please feel free to apply to Unleash Future Network.

No engineering or consulting background? We are looking for outstanding individuals to support our teams and to drive our projects, such as experienced project managers, marketing gurus, backoffice staff and code wizards. Please get in touch with us!