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Triphibic Hovercraft

Taking a hovercraft to a new height - up in the air!

Unleash Future Think Tank enjoyed the task to re-think current Hovercraft concept and how to advance technology with today's insights and bleeding edge technology. Our team managed to create a prototype & concept to overcome current shortcomings. A concept study that takes you even up in the sky! This new vehicle is an ideal multifunction device for use on land, water and air. This makes it suitable for humanitarian and defense operations, like floodings, maritime emergencies, watt areas & swamps, but also in deserts and snow.


Key-characteristics include:

  • modular design
  • lightweigt
  • fly-by-wire
  • autonomous
  • IATA compliant
  • silent design
  • operating land/sea/air
  • adaptive cruise

With current technology and new design elements, we managed to significantly reduce noise, achieving operational case scenarios such as nature reserves. Long-distance is achieved by airborne capabilitie. Maintenance is significantly eased in the modular approach of the new concept, ensuring ultra-fast operational use in critical situations.