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Unleash Future Boats GmbH is the venture most recently unveiled by our Think Tank. Years of intense working on autonomous systems have created competitive advantage and will solve the maritime global challenge. The company is now independant and gaining tremendous momentuum to bring innovation to life. A new smart sensor was invented in the past months and will be developed in the next two years. The roadmap is clear: zero emisison boats, fully digital, on-demand, elctric and with hydrogen technology. The first product is called Schleiboote and will operate 2022 in northern Germany. Clear and visible progress towards fully autonomous systems in just a few years.

The first boat is scheduled to launch in 2022 on the Schlei, part of the Baltic Sea in northern Germany. This is possible because of 15+ years experience in autonomous driving of automotive industry, aeronautics, drones and artificial intelligence. All was merging with maritime experts and engineers in the past years, creating leap-innovation.

Innovating a new sensor capable to tackle the complex phyisical challenge of the maritime environment, Unleash Future Boats GmbH is coined 'The Tesla on the water' several times and counted to the top 5 favorites in the global challenge of autonomous boats. To discover more about autonomous and zero emission boats, please visit

In Germany, our autonomous ferry is also known as Schleiboote.

We've been looking at the acknowledged approach to track and trace spreading the virus of infected people. Investigative creation of an infection chain to stop the spreading. With increasing numbers, traditional investigation becomes slow, incomplete, and response becomes way to slow to isolate people before further spreading occurred. Infected people who have no symptoms seem to be contagious. Hence, we decided to re-design this approved approach ‘infection chain’ using technology. First, we called it the 'Beacon Project', realized it is an ‘Infection Chain Disruptor’ and members finally called it ‘Excalibur’. A sword powerful enough to cut the infection chain that seems to become overwhelming.

Unleash Future is the world’s first high IQ organization that serves global for cross-industry and politics. We experienced first-hand how health care differs across Europe, and how poorly data is transferred between stakeholders. Working cross-border, a fundamental idea of the European Union, becomes difficult when you need treatment abroad. To make things worse, some countries already became victim of cyberattacks in their digital healthcare attempts.

We identified three core problems that need to be addressed:

 1. Non-transparent and non-standardized interfaces
 2. Insecure central data pools
 3. Missing data security and safety

It takes an architectural mind shift to solve these problems...   MORE